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Selling a Business:

Argyll Partners have sold numerous businesses but all are different and we treat them as such. We develop a bespoke process for each sale typically carrying out the following;

  • Performing an initial exit review and analysis, presenting to shareholders and management our views of
    • value
    • how value will change over time
    • the most likely acquirers of a business
    • the optimum timing of a sale
    • how best to present the business for sale
    • any actions that could improve value and
    • the best process for a sale
  • Developing the process for sale, writing an information memorandum, preparing management presentations and financial models, and monitoring progress against any agreed pre-sale actions
  • Working with the client to develop a list of the most likely buyers and approaching those buyers in the best way to optimise the chances of success and the value, whilst being mindful of confidentiality and commercial sensitivities
  • Project managing the actual sale process including assisting in the selection and management of other professional advisors such as lawyers, tax advisors and due diligence providers
  • Selecting an appropriate bidder from those given the opportunity to bid and then managing the terms and commercial aspects of legal agreements with a preferred bidder through to completion

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