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Value Development for business founders and family owners:

We work with the founders and owners of family businesses who want to realise some or all of their shareholding in the future and want to prepare the business to optimise value and timing. Often these businesses are valuable but do not have all the facets needed to make them “investable” or saleable. Professionalization work can take two years or longer and Argyll Partners are happy to work with such businesses for these time horizons.

We typically start with a strategic review and then will assist as appropriate but can be involved in areas such as;

  • VALUE - Identifying value dynamics such as brand, customer database, store portfolio, sourcing capabilities, customer propositions etc
  • GROWTH -Looking at growth opportunities to decide which to pursue to maximise exit value
  • PLANNING - Helping to write a three-year business plan and related strategic and operational objectives. This is accompanied when required by a budgeting process and financial model against which performance can be tracked
  • MONITORING - Developing daily or weekly KPI reports, monthly reports and Board Packs and putting in place monthly board meetings and the associated disciplines
  • BUILDING A TEAM - Working with owners to recruit senior positions where appropriate including Managing Director, Finance Director and Chairman. We are happy to attend board meetings either as observers or as full directors as appropriate
  • INTRODUCING THE RIGHT CONTACTS – We can use our network to introduce the right professional partners to help build value including auditors, tax advisors, and lawyers et al. We can also make more informal introductions to similar businesses so that owners can share knowledge and resources and benefit from each other’s experiences

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